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Crossword Compiling Rules

1. Symmetry : The grid is diagonally symmetrical. Said another way, if you rotate it 180 degrees it's the same, light for light and dark for dark.

2. Size: The grid is always an odd number of cells on a side. 13x13 or 15x15

3. Segments: The grid may not contain "islands" of light cells, i.e., the grid must not be divided into two (or more) separate chunks.

4. Connectivity: minimum 40% of character must appear in both an Across answer and a Down answer,

5. Length: minimum length of an answers should be 3

6. Repetition : No Repetition allowed in answers.

7. do not make yourown words for the connectivity.

8. No significant word in the answer will appear in the clue. If the clue is "Popular doll," you may be sure the answer is not BARBIE DOLL.

9. If an answer is abbreviated or shortened, the clue will almost always indicate as much.

10. Some clues are of the fill-in-the-blank type. The length of the dash is meaningless, and it can represent more than one word.

11. DO NOT use copyrighted or newspaper published crossword. make your own crosswords.

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